Election Letter


To Customs Clerks and Customs Brokers


– 19th March 2009In the year 1950 the Customs Brokers and Customs Clerks Association was formed and registered as a Trade Union. The vision was to function with one common bond, expressing the same views and speaking with one voice. With the passing of time this vision no longer holds for us.

Vote Glenroy Andrew as your leader in the up-coming election and I will guide you through a vision of Hope, Faith and Prosperity. My watch words are Truth, Honesty, Sincerity, Integrity and Impartiality of purpose.

The first legislative Act no.4 of 1956 had governed us for about seventeen years which sort control of Customs Brokers. This Law has now been replaced by Act 49 of 1970 which gives power to both Customs Brokers and Customs Clerks.

The Act in itself is an extremely powerful legislation however, the Board that governs the Act has miss-managed and misinterpreted the Act to the disadvantage of Customs Clerks Grade III. The setting of exams for Grade III Clerks instead of directing them to obtain the recommendation granted under section nine (9) of the Customs Brokers and Customs Clerks Act is contrary to the act.

Section nine (9) of the Act gives dominion to the Customs Clerks and Customs Brokers Association with respect to the granting of recommendation to Customs Clerks who wants to become Customs Brokers. However, the Association has negated its responsibility thereby causing the Brokers Board to introduce exams for Grade III’s to avoid total chaos in the system.

Vote Glenroy Andrew for President and I would give the recommendation as required under section nine (9) of the Customs Brokers and Customs Clerks Act.

Grade III do not have to sit any more examination but rather to obtain a recommendation from the Association.

The Brokers Board is in a conspiracy with the Customs Brokers to set very difficult exams so that there would be a 99% failure, for Grade III to become Customs Brokers. In this way the few Customs Brokers that exist would make all the money free of competition. WHAT A CURSE!


Vote Glenroy Andrew to change this Mafia Style conspiracy.


Things have gotten so bad in the Association that the members at the Board level representing the Association would, vote against a recommendation by the said Association, to whom they represent.

The three board members representing the Association said they reserve the right to vote in accordance with their conscience. WHAT A SAD DAY FOR CUSTOMS CLERKS!

In the beginning when the Association stopped the granting of recommendation and Grade III’s were asked to sit a Customs Brokers Examination, no body protested. Money was not a problem in Trinidad and Tobago in the years 1974 to 1977 but by the time the money boom was over, the Brokers exams took precedence over the recommendation letter. Yet, Customs Clerks failed to protest, even now as I write this letter Customs Clerks do not understand the BETRAYAL of the Association.


The Association’s Customs Brokers have sold Customs clerks birth right for thirty (30) pieces of silver. What a Shame!


The Customs Brokers on the other hand, very well know about the deceitfulness and betrayal by the Association to customs Clerks in general and grade III’s in particular. However, this serves their purpose well to have a small number of Customs Brokers in Trinidad, that they would control the industry and make plenty easy money, while even Grade III have to pay Brokers a fee to set up an office and do their own thing.


They are so bold-face, that they reproach us and call us ‘moonlighters’.


If Customs Clerks really understand the greediness of present Customs Brokers they will surely not vote them into leadership of the Association.

Have you seen or heard of any Customs Broker supporting or speaking in favour of the use of section nine (9) of the Customs Brokers and Customs Clerks Act 49 of 1970?

When I described them in a previous letter-“Greetings to all Customs Clerks” page 5 as:-

[Instead of administering the recommendation as a means of obligation to its members, they become Greedy, Deceitful, Malicious, Wicked and Vindictive] you would now understand me better.

Now that we are aware of the catastrophe that took place with your future hope and aspirations in the 1970’s, we must work together to REVERSE this bondage.


Vote Glenroy Andrew as your new leader on March 19th 2009 and together we will chart a new course for a better life.


Yes We Can!

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