How to become a Customs Broker Through the Apprenticeship Scheme

Act – 18 (b)

The establishment and supervision of an apprenticeship scheme for the training of persons desirous of becoming Customs Brokers.


“On the Job Training course”

The board has established an apprenticeship scheme for persons desirous of becoming Customs Brokers in Regulations 15, 16, and 17 through an On-the-Job Training course for three years as follows:

Reg. 15

(1)                      Where a Customs Broker recruits an apprentice, he shall register with the Board the name of such apprentice within seven days of the date of such recruitment.


(2)                    There shall be paid to the Board on the day of registration, a fee of One hundred dollars and thereafter a fee of One hundred dollars on the anniversary date thereof in each year during the period of apprenticeship of the person registered.

The apprentice mentioned in regulation 15 should be called a Customs Broker Apprentice because there is a separate Apprenticeship Scheme for persons desirous of becoming Customs Clerks.

Separate identity is necessary for persons training to become Customs Brokers from persons training to become Customs Clerks.

The word TRAINEE is used in regulation 15 in reference to Customs Clerks. Therefore, a person training to become a Customs Clerk should be called a Customs Clerk Trainee.

Reg. 16

A person registered with the Board under regulation 15 may not sign customs warrants but may transact other business at customs for and on behalf of the person to whom he is apprenticed and such person shall be held liable for the acts or omissions of the apprentice acting within the scope of his apprenticeship.

Reg. 17

Apprentices shall undergo a course of training and shall be under competent supervision to enable them to qualify for a Customs Broker’s Licence within a period of three years of the date of their recruitment.

The compelling words in regulation 17 are: to be under competent supervision while undergoing the three years course.  Therefore, the Board must or is obliged to issue Customs Brokers licence to all Apprentices who completed the three years course.

Regulation 17 does not compel the Apprentice to sit the Customs Brokers examination or any other examination for that matter.

The Board is wrong to ask an Apprentice who has been recruited by a Customs Broker to sit a Customs Clerk Grade 1 examination.  Such Apprentices would not qualify under regulation 6 because they would not have obtained the required three months experience of the duties of a Customs Clerk.

Only a Trainee Customs Clerk can obtain the required three months experience of the duties of a Customs Clerk to qualify for a Customs Clerk examination.

Only Customs Broker Apprentices can qualify to sit a Customs Broker’s examination under regulation 6.

The Board’s examinations are in fact optional for Apprentices and Trainees who want to become Customs Brokers or Customs Clerks as the case may be, before the full duration of the three year course.

After completing the three years (O.J.T) apprenticeship course and the Apprentice is ready to become a Customs Broker, there are yet many guidelines to follow in the regulations for both the Apprentice and the Board. The guidelines are regulations 2(1), 3(1) (2) and 4 as follows:-

Reg. 2(1)

Application for a Customs Broker’s Licence shall be forwarded in duplicate to the secretary of the Board (hereinafter referred to as “the Secretary”) in the form set out as Form 1 in the first schedule together with an application fee of one hundred dollars and the birth certificate of the applicant.

Reg. 3 (1)

The Secretary shall post a notice at the Customs House of each application received by him.

Reg. 3 (2)

The notice mentioned in sub regulation (1) shall remain posted for a period of not less than fourteen days and shall state the name and address of the applicant, the type of licence being applied for and shall invite comments regarding the advisability of issuing the licence.

Reg. 4

The chief preventive officer shall comment on each application of which a copy was sent to him for the purpose.  His comments shall be forwarded to the Board through the Secretary.

Regulations 2(1), 3 (1) (2) and 4 apply to Apprentices who have finished the three years on-the-job training course without the benefit of passing the Customs Broker’s examination. However, regulation 2 (1) also applies to applicants who are sitting the Broker’s examination but these applicants must apply no later than thirty days before the examination.

Apprentices who did not sit the Board’s customs broker examination and those who sat and failed the said examination during the three years O.J.T course would still qualify for a customs broker’s licence if they were under “competent supervision” while undergoing the three years on-the-job training course.

The regulations do not have any enforcement regarding the sitting of examination.  It therefore stands to reason that the examination is optional.

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