Systems in the world have always under go changes and will continue to under go changes in the future.

Customs Clerks and Customs Brokers are no exception to experiencing change. We did in the past and will continue to experience future changes.

The system of Democracy would always bring changes that affect us in dramatic ways. We need to be vigilant at all time and maintain a vibrant body to deal with the many changes that would continue to confront us from time to time.

Customs Clerks and Customs Brokers need to join the Association in greater numbers, that, we can become stronger and better equipped to confront and deal with the changes affecting our profession and not fight against each other.

Customs Clerks and Customs Brokers must be prepared to pay dues, more than $100.00 per year, so you can be better represented!

Even the Lord God Almighty is not willing to help those who do not help themselves. Customs clerks must first correct their number one mistake and get serious, by making an active and financial contribution to the Association.

Stop awaiting Michael Andrew, our President to do everything for you.

Wake up customs clerks!

Pinch yourself!

Take a bush bath if necessary

Do something for a transformation and let us all get together as a united association and prevail over the many problems facing us today.

Vote Glenroy Andrew for Inspired Leadership.

Yes We Can!

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