To: The Honourable Ms. Karen Nunez- Tesheira

From: Glenroy Andrew

25th February 2009

The Honourable Ms. Karen Nunez- Tesheira
Minister of Finance
Eric Williams Finance Building
Independence Square
Port of Spain

Dear Madam,

I refer to The Customs Brokers and Customs Clerks Act, Chapter 78:03 No. 49 of 1970.

Pursuant to this legislation, the Minister of Finance has the responsibility of appointing six (6) members to the Customs Brokers Board, the seventh being the Comptroller of Customs and Excise who is Ex. Officio chairman of the Board.

Each Board member has two year tenure of service with the exception of the Comptroller of Custom and Excise. One of the functions of the Board is to hold examination for Customs Clerks and Customs Brokers in the months of April and October each year.

Nomination letters for members to be appointed to this Board has been sent to your Ministry and addressed to the Minister of Finance as early a February 2007. To date, no members have been appointed.

The members to be appointed have been nominated by the following agencies-:

  • Trinidad and Tobago chamber of Commerce (1)
  • Trinidad and Tobago Shipping Association (1)
  • Customs and Excise Division (1)
  • Customs Clerk and Customs Brokers Association (3)

Now it is very difficult to understand why the Minister of Finance has not appointed any members to the customs Brokers Board in spite of all the correspondence sent to the Ministry of Finance to that effect.

Madam Minister, I sincerely appeal to you for appointment to the Board with urgency because there may be a breach in the law for persons becoming Customs Clerks and Customs Brokers at present.

I have called on your department by phone on a regular basis to obtain an appointment with the Permanent Secretary, without success. It would seem that the business of Customs Clerks and Customs brokers has not been brought to your attention.

Thanking you for your kind and urgent co-operation in this matter.

Yours Respectfully



Copy to-
Customs Clerk and Customs Brokers Association.
The Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce.
The Trinidad and Tobago Shipping Association.
Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association.
Ministry of Trade and Industry.
Customs Brokers Board

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